Friday, July 7, 2017

YALSA's teen top ten nominations

YALSA’s 2017 top ten teen nominations are out. Teens across the country will have a chance to read and vote for their favorite.  

The following nominees are available at Clardy Fox, read them and vote for your favorite. A complete list of the nominated books is available at

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Summoning

Armstrong, Kelley. The Summoning. New York : HarperCollins, 2008. ISBN 9780061662690

For my next read I decided to switch gears from zombies to ghosts. As you could tell from my book choices I enjoy supernatural books. The Summoning is the first book in the Darkest Powers Series. The book is not the typical “girl sees ghosts and helps them move on story.” The story is unique and interesting; you will find it hard to put down.

The book begins with an ordinary teen named Chloe. Her only concerns are making friends, meeting boys, and doing well in school. Everything changes for Chloe the moment she begins seeing ghosts, but is she really seeing ghosts or is she suffering from a mental disorder.  Chloe is sent to Lyle House, a home for troubled teens where she meets several interesting characters. Is Lyle House really just a home for troubled teens or is it more. If you want to find out read Kelley Armstrong’s The Summoning.

I give the book five out of five stars.  The book is an excellent read. The characters each have distinct personalities and the story is engaging. Another plus is that the second and third books are just as good as the first.  I am currently on the third book and a little sad that it is about to end. (Fiction for readers 15 and up).

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rot & Ruin

Maberry, Jonathan. Rot and Ruin. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010. ISBN 9781631401862

Zombies have taken over the world!! They are everywhere you turn, in movies, in books, in graphic novels and in television shows.  Luckily I enjoy all things zombie which is what drew me to the book Rot and Ruin. A down side to having an abundance of zombie themed movies and books is that the stories tend to repeat themselves. Fortunately that is not the case with Rot and Ruin, the story is fresh and the characters are interesting.

The main character is Benny Imura, a fifteen year old boy. In Benny Imura’s world zombies have literally taken over the world. Benny was a baby when the world was infested by zombies he never had to fight or kill to survive.  Benny grew up most of his life relatively safe and sheltered in a city built and fortified by survivors including his older brother Tom. Upon turning fifteen Benny must find a job or have his rations cut in half. He must decide between going into the family business of zombie hunting, or another zombie related job. The problem with going into the family business is that Benny cannot stand his brother. He believes his brother is a coward despite the fact that many people consider him a hero. After running out of options Benny decides to give zombie hunting a chance.  Benny’s life changes forever after stepping out of his shelter and into the rot and ruin.

I would give the book three out of five stars. I like the story and the fact that one of the leading characters is a strong female, but I found the characters hard to distinguish at times because they all sounded like the same person. I do not mean to discourage anyone from reading the book because the story is excellent. You be the judge, read the book and comment what you think.    

For ages 12 and up

Review by: Diana Clardy Fox Public Library Staff